The course will provide you with an overview of family change in Ireland; the importance of family; the definition of family; family pride and some other resources and tools which will support families at a time of change and transition.

In order to work through the course material in a way that allows for the most learning to take place, we would recommend allowing 5 hours. An additional 5 hours would be valuable in allowing the learner to engage in reflective practice and further reading.

We hope you will enjoy the time you give to this course and that it will support you in your future work with families.

The cost for this course is €100.

  • Understand how family has changed over time and how it affects families today.
  • Understand the Strengths Based Approach as a framework to working with children and parents.
  • Recognise the needs of children and parents post separation and help parents see how unmet needs will influence behaviours.
  • Understand the importance of helping parents see what ‘child centred’ means when making decisions that affect the day to day lives of their children.
  • Support parents to create shared parenting arrangements which support the needs and rights of children.
  • Feel more confident in your knowledge and understanding of the needs and complexity of post separation parenting
Changing Families: Supporting Children’s Needs when Parents Separate
This course aims to support you in front-line practice working with one-parent families, in particular those parenting post separation/divorce.
Module 1 Changing Families in Ireland

This unit introduces the learner to the work of One Family; examines the definition of family, and explores how the family has changed in Ireland over the past 50 years.

Unit 1 One Family  
Unit 2 Changing Family in Ireland  
Unit 3 The Role of Family  
Unit 4 Definition of Family  
Module 2 Separating Well for Children

This module examines the concept of the ‘Strong Family’; and focuses on supporting parents to understand what ‘child-centred’ means at the time of separation; in turn supporting parents to identify the needs of children and the impact of separation on both children's and parents' well-being.

Unit 1 The Ingredients of the Strong Family  
Unit 2 A Child-Centred Approach to Separation  
Unit 3 The Competing Needs of Children and Parents Post-Separation  
Unit 4 Impact of Family Separation  
Module 3 Sharing Parenting

This unit highlights the importance of clear and direct communication, as a necessary skill for parents when sharing parenting; it also explores tools which can support parents to increase positive outcomes for children post-separation.

Unit 1 The Skill of Clear & Direct Communication  
Unit 2 Supporting Parents to Meet the Needs of Children  
Unit 3 The Impact of Parent Wellbeing on Child Wellbeing  
Unit 4 Creating Safe Shared Parenting Arrangements